modular interactive multitouch multiuser data

exploring, analysing and visualising databases in a new way.

Tangible Data

Tangible Data is a tangible multiuser database exploration and manipulation environment.
Tangible Data is integrated with R-project and offers additional online javascript visualisation/manipulation using D3.js. Tangible Data is made by tangibledisplay

Objects and Multitouch

Tangible Data is designed to be used in Object-Multitouch detection tables, allowing a human interaction with its elements.

This makes the data analysis and visualisation an interactive and intuitive task.

Tangible Data can also be used in desktop computers, in windows/mac/linux platforms.


Tangible Data is a way to interact with the Statistical software R , opening a new future in data analysis-exploration, via touches and objects, keeping the power and complexity of one of the most advanced and customisable statistical softwares.


Tangible Data produces also great javascript D3.js visualisations that are created in real-time and deployed in a web page.

Those visualisations are interactive in the web, adding another level of interactivity to Tangible Data.

Big data is now everywhere. Phenomenal amounts of data are produced every second. The industry has been focused on technology to master data acquisition and storage. While on the other hand large expertise have been developed on data visualisation. Complementary to those two fields, the next challenge is data analytics and data manipulation.

This is addressed with Tangible Data .

Tangible Data workflow

Tangible Data can be interpreted as a multitouch controller for R, that makes also automatic and customisable visualisations in javascript/D3.

Working with Tangible Data, one will generate an interactive html-D3 web page with the content of the explored/analysed data and visuals.

Tangible Data is able to control remotely, with objects and multitouch gestures, D3 objects in the generated webpage.


Slideshow example on Tangible Data usage

1. Select R-elements to use in the table/objects

R-elements represent R functions/objects or visualisations (R or D3).


Learn about Tangible Data

Data Explorations

Smart Instore Shelves Data

Smart Instore Shelves Data

Tweeter Engagement Analysis for Futur En Seine (#fens2016)

Tweeter Engagement Analysis for Futur En Seine (#fens2016)


Tweeter Engagement Analysis for VivaTechnology, Paris (VivaTech)



Tangible Data is a product made by


Tangible Display


Tangible Data is able to bring a new experience in data analysis and visualisation, and brings a new way to explore big/complex data.

This allows to use Tangible Data for interactive data exploration, for multiple users.

Tangible Data can be used as a demo tool, as a didactic tool and as a serious research program, that can reveal, due to its new possibilities and usages, novel findings in data analysis.


One of the main goals in the creation of Tangible Data is to bring to the scientific research realm an interactive multi-user, multi-touch tool. We think that Tangible Data opens a new door into data analysis and visualisation, and our intention is to continue developing this promising tool as a program used by researchers.




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